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Having to work is bad enough for many mothers. Having to travel for work can seem to be just too much for some. However, there are some ways to help the traveling working mother maintain her sanity.

First, keep as busy as possible while away. Just because one is out of the office is no excuse not to be productive during the entire work day. Besides the meetings that caused one to have to travel, there are several ways to continue working on other projects remotely and communicate with the office regularly.

Most laptops in production today have a built in webcam. If one has an older model, it is not expensive to obtain a webcam and plug it into the computer. Then, it becomes possible to use Skype, which is a free service, to communicate with the family after work. This allows for a face to face conversation at no cost and allows Mom to catch up on the day's events with the kids and Dad. She can even read a bedtime story to the little ones if she normally does so while at home.

Most hotels have their own fitness rooms or gyms that registered guests can use at no additional charge. Taking advantage of this allows one to continue her regular fitness routine just as if she were at home. Even women who do not have a set workout regimen while at home can use these facilities to work out while traveling so that they are tired and can sleep easier.

Take some time for yourself. Do things that you normally would not do or can not do at home. This can be as simple as polishing your nails or as unusual as visiting a museum or art exhibit. Watch a chick flick that you would not be able to see at home because of husband and kids. Anything that lets you feel as if you are pampering yourself just a little will make the trip feel better.

Get out of the hotel room some. All cities have restaurants that one can visit and eat meals that she would not have access to at home. These do not have to be expensive or extravagant, just different. Take in some of the sights in the city, including taking pictures to show the family so that they can feel you were thinking of them while gone.

Take a special day when the trip is over and spend time with the family doing something special. It is not wrong to want to catch up on events that occurred at home while you were away. You should spend some time with each of your children during the weekend days and pay attention to your significant other at night after the kids are asleep. Of course flirting is okay while they are awake.

Business travel can be enough to drive a working mother a little bit crazy. Fortunately, there are some simple things that can be done to help the traveling working mother maintain her sanity while away from home.