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It is a simple fact of life that we must work if we want to eat or enjoy any of life's little luxuries. However, there is nothing that limits us in our choices of what sort of work we have to do. In order to be truly happy, it is often a very good idea to not just accept any job- launch your career. You can follow or blaze your own trail.

Some people are happy in an office setting. Others are happiest if they are making something with their hands. Still others are happy working outside with plants or animals. Choosing a career should be based on what makes you happy. It has been said that "He who enjoys what he does for a living never works a day in his life." In many ways, this is true.

Most people work for someone else. This can be, but does not have to be, a limiting factor in following one's dreams and doing what one enjoys. There are many ways to get noticed by an employer and put in a position where one can do exactly what he/she enjoys doing.

For many, working for themselves and being able to set their own schedule is the only way they can be truly happy. Fortunately, there are no limits on doing just that. Anyone can start a business doing what they enjoy doing and selling their products or services to others. One example would be freelance writing. One can start writing for others and choose the topics and types of work he/she wants to do. Then, the only rules governing scheduling are those imposed by when the client needs the work to be completed.

In fact, home based businesses are the fastest growing sector in all industries. More and more people are finding that they can work the hours they want to work and spend time with their families while still earning a living. Some even become fantastically wealthy working what most would consider part time hours.

Everyone has marketable skills that can used to help them launch a career that they can enjoy following until they choose to retire. Whether these skills are put to use working for an employer or are sold on a contract basis by someone who is self employed, it is possible to be happy in what one does to earn money.

If you are just starting out; or you have been working for years and feel that you are in a dead end position, now is the time to launch your career. You have an entire world full of options that allow you to begin doing what you really enjoy so that you can pursue personal happiness and satisfaction. Change can be a good thing. Breaking away from the pack is essential if one wishes to truly follow his/her own dreams. Do not let others tell you it can not be done or that your ideas have no value. Instead, find ways and resources to allow you to create your own way in life and enjoy the journey.