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Ways To Simplify A Working Mother's Morning Routine

The reality is it usually requires two incomes to support a family these days. Parenthood does not exempt a wife from the need to work. In fact, it can complicate life. However, there are a few easy ways to simplify a working mother's morning routine.

One of the first tricks is to do as much as possible the evening before. This means laying out the clothes the children will wear as well as Mom's outfit for the day. Preparing lunches and putting them in the refrigerator is also a good idea.

Make sure that children's backpacks and bags are stored in the car overnight if Mom is driving them to school or placed near the door if they ride a bus. Keep coats and jackets on a rack near the door for easy access in the morning.

Getting up a few minutes earlier than everyone else to take advantage of some quiet time before jumping into the full routine can be beneficial. Think of this as "me" time and do something you enjoy, such as soak a few extra minutes in the bath or catch up on the latest news, etc.

Enlist the aid of the spouse or significant other. While Mom is cooking breakfast for the family, Dad can be helping get the children dressed and ready to go. If all the children are old enough to dress themselves, Dad can help Mom in the kitchen. There are several tasks that can be passed along to the children as they get older that can make the morning easier for Mom to face.

If there is an infant that must be taken to daycare, Mom might wish to express some breast milk and put it in bottles for the baby. If this is the case, the breast pump should be placed where it will not be forgotten because it will need to be used at work. Preparing the diaper bag for the day can be done the evening before when preparing everyone else's clothing and things. After the milk is put in in the morning, this can be loaded while putting the child(ren) in the car.

There are several ways to make the limited time spent with children in the mornings more meaningful. Mom can play travel games with the small children, such as I Spy, that are also instructional. She can talk with older children about their schedules for the day, etc.

Working moms have a difficult enough task trying to juggle being a wife, a mother, and a good employee. Sometimes, it may seem that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all. Mornings are a time when this can seem the worst. The good news is that there are some ways to make a working mother's morning routine run more smoothly. This can help to make her entire day go better and allow her to come home from work ready to assume the role of mom and wife.