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Traveling for business can create several complications in one's life. There are the problems associated with the traveling and problems that are created at home by the absence of a parent. Fortunately, there are now several ways to take the pain out of business travel.

Since most trips are planned and reserved in advance using a business credit card, many businesses have chosen to use cards that offer rewards for frequent travelers. This can be in the form of frequent flyer miles that can be used to upgrade one's seat or gain free travel. In some cases, it might make more sense to use a card that offers discounts on car rental or hotel stays.

There are certain exercises that can be performed in one's seat on a plane, train, or bus that can overcome physical pains that can set in while traveling long distances. While not terribly strenuous, these exercises help to keep the joints lose and increase circulation.

As for the problems that are created at home when a parent is away on a business trip, technology has created many ways to solve these. Cell phones have advanced to the point that one can communicate from virtually anywhere in the world. Many have cameras built in that allow the traveler to take photos of the areas they visit and send them home in emails or multi-media messages so that the family can feel that they are still in touch. Be sure to know the rates if you are traveling internationally!

Most hotels offer free wi-fi connections or broadband internet connections that allow the absent parent to communicate with the family via IM, email, or even webcam. It is actually possible for a mother who is away from home to check in with the children and read them a bedtime story if this is part of their regular routine when she is home. Video chats allow the family to feel that the missing parent is still a part of their lives and vice versa.

Many people now have memberships in fitness clubs and gyms where they go to workout on a regular basis. Today, a large number of high end hotels offer gyms and fitness rooms on the premises for the use of guests. In this way, a traveler can continue his/her regular fitness routine without interruption, which makes the body feel better and more energized.

One final method used to take the pain out of business travel is to take advantage of "down time". One may be away from home, but it is highly unlikely that he/she is expected to be working 24 hours a day. After hours, one can take some personal time and simply relax. Treating the off time as a mini vacation can help to rejuvenate the body and mind so that one will be ready to face the challenges of day to day life upon returning home. There are several problems associated with traveling away from home for business reasons. Fortunately, there are also many different ways to take the pain out of business travel, both physical and mental.